Sept 23-26, 2020

Philadelphia, PA USA

International Attendees

Each year thousands of international visitors are attracted to Expo East, looking for the chance to sample new products from over 1500 companies around the globe. Join over 27,000 attendees at the ultimate experience for finding the cutting-edge trends to help your business grow. There's no better place in the world to absorb a year's worth of industry developments in four days.

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Are you doing business around the world or are you interested in expanding to new international markets? Use the Additional Information tool in the Online Show Directory to designate your Export Status. Log into the Online Show Directory (like you do to enter your 500 word description and product categories) and click on "Edit" under Additional Information. There you may detail your current international export status to find or build new markets for your company's products. All of this data will be searchable online by attendees in the Online Show Directory, giving them another way to find your company.

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